This code accompanies the paper ``Three Dimensional Sheaf of Ultrasound Planes Reconstruction (SOUPR) of Ablated Volumes'' (Ingle, Varghese) 2014.

Matlab source code can be downloaded as a zip file. It contains the following files:

cplane.m Reconstructs a C-plane from available data points.

cplane_crossval.m Performs ordinary crossvalidation to find the best smoothing parameter for C-plane reconstruction.

cplane_test.m Test script which generates a stack of c-planes from simulated ellipsoid data.

The test script is used for generating the images shown below.

Fig. 1 - 3D render of the stack of C-planes reconstructed from simulated data.

Fig. 2 - Raw data over one of the C-planes collected as a sheaf leads to sample points along radial intersecting lines.

Fig. 3 - Noisy data from Fig. 2 reconstructed as a smooth surface on a fine grid of points.

Last updated Mar 26, 2014