Constant-Q Spectrogram Code

This code accompanies the paper ``The least-squares invertible constant-Q spectrogram and its application to phase vocoding'' (Ingle, Sethares) 2012.

Matlab source code can be downloaded as a zip file. It contains the following files:

cqker4.m (function to form the transform/inversion matrices for the LSICQS)

cqphvoc.m (function for time scale modification using the LSICQS phase vocoder)

runcqphvoc.m (script to run cqphvoc and cqker4 with user defined parameters and audio file)

cqspgramfull2.m (function for visualizing the interpolated LSICQS)

Figure shows reconstruction error after inverting the LSICQS of the original sound signal (top pane) to the reconstructed signal (center pane). Errors are of the order 10^{-15} (bottom pane).

Download some sample phase vocoded audio examples as a zip file.

Last updated Mar 26, 2014